Facing Europe – a DFUNK project

Facing Europe is a photo project run by around 20 young volunteers from DFUNK (Danish Refugee Council Youth). DFUNK is an organisation of young people that strives to improve the conditions for refugees and immigrants in Denmark as well as internationally.



What do we do?

Facing Europe was initiated in early 2013, and the idea behind the project is inspired by other photo projects with somewhat similar agendas, however with a different focus.

The team of volunteers has dedicated an immense amount of time in planning and organising the project – everything from fundraising, PR, communications, finance, and ad hoc tasks have been undertaken by the volunteers in order to develop a successful project that can put a new face on the European debate on asylum. If you would like to join us, please look under Take Part.

Where are we now?

In spring 2014 the group finally went to Athens, Greece, to gather what the project is all about, the pictures  and videos from young immigrants and asylum seekers in Greece. The group returned to Denmark with a portfolio of around 7-800 pictures.

Right now, the group is busy organizing the premiere at Copenhagen’s World Culture Center on July 26, which involves everything from selecting the best photos to the best snacks for visitors.

Hopefully, this is just the beginning of the exhibit’s tour around Denmark and perhaps other countries.