24 Apr

Afghan refugees in Greece

Naan bread cooking on an empty oil drum (Photo: Rasuli)

Naan bread cooking on an empty oil drum

By Rasuli

We were born in the war and grew up in the war, far away from education. Our dreams are gone with war and under the tanks and bombing. To see the situation in Afghanistan we decided to go to Europe and we started to go to Europe. We arrived to one European country. The name of the country is Greece. When we arrived we were thinking, this is the humanitarian culture country, but it is opposite- everything here. We didn’t see a humanitarian culture. Out target was to go to another European country, but we cant. Then we decided to go to the police for apply for asylum. Five months we went there everyday, and they didn’t have place for us staying and sleeping, because we didn’t have jobs. We were walking around like crazies. Everyday when we went to policestation we hoped for good news. But we never found nothing for our better future here in this country. In the end, who wants to come all this way for bad conditions.

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