18 Apr

Is this the kind of life we should continue to live here in Greece?

Is this the life

By Homs

This story happened to me just yesterday. This place is in central Athens nearby Novodel. There are many immigrants living there on their own. They live outside. I talked to them. They are very impressed about this Facing Europe. So they tell me you can take photo as you want to put them in the media, and get the world to see it. So unfortunately the policeman was looking at me, because you know I’m an immigrant to. So he straight away came to me, and he asked me: ”How did you get this camera, can you show me the document?” I just showed them what you gave me. The policeman he read it, and saw that it was a document from Facing Europe. He passed my document to me and told me go home. ”Don’t come here to take photo. And you have to be very carefull” he told me. So this is very serious. Because the world should know what is happening here. That is the kind of darkness we are living in, here in Greece. I want the world to do something about this.

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