14 Apr

Launch of photo workshop

Today the photo workshop started in Athens. During the next week the participants will be inspired, and provided with cameras to be able to communicate their own messages through photography and social media.

People from 10 countries
Young refugees from Afghanistan, Cameroon, Guinea, Cote d’Ivoire, Gambia, Nigeria, R. D. Congo participates. Supporting the participants in the workshop are young volunteers from Denmark, France and Netherlands.

Follow the project online
On April 14 2014 the first photos will be made available online at www.facingeurope.org and on social media via #FacingEurope. Photos will also be presented at an exhibition the coming summer, and continue throughout the year.

Facing Europe is a photo project that attempts to add a voice, to the European debate on asylum and conditions of asylum seekers. Asylum seekers will be allowed to speak for themselves, avoiding established media narratives and stereotypes.

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