"I often come to this bench to think about my life as a refugee..." - Dylan

“I often come to this bench to think about my life as a refugee…” – Dylan

I entered Turkey in September 2013, leaving my native Cameroun by plane, with the goal of getting protection because my life was in danger there. In Africa, certain customs are still not accepted, for example in terms of your life choice or the choice for a life partner. In Africa, cultures are very conservative, and there is not a lot of modernization. After Turkey, I entered Bulgaria via the forest. The police at the border arrested me, and I spent around 3 months in a closed camp in deplorable conditions. I managed to escape without asking for asylum because I didn’t want to stay there. Then I entered Greece. Here life conditions are not so different but there is at least some freedom of movement. Nothing beats freedom. I am still looking for protection in Greece but I don’t want to stay here. The government doesn’t have anything to offer to refugees, it’s too difficult. Except for minors who are given particular attention because they stay in shelters where they can be taken care of: healthcare, clothes, and dormitories. As for the adults, they are left to their own devices. Some of them sleep on the street, without any food.