"I took this picture to forget my health problems..." - Sander

“I took this picture to forget my health problems…” – Sander

I took this picture to forget my health problems. Unfortunately I cannot play football. I’ve had health problems since I left my country. I haven’t received care here in Greece. It’s been three months now that I always go to the hospital, and I am sent from one hospital to another, it’s always the same thing. They give me painkillers, but they don’t try to find what it is exactly. It’s a great worry of mine. If only the Greek government could find a solution to this for immigrants… because I am suffering right now. And I know there are a lot of people like me who also have health issues here in Greece. We have to send a message to the international community to help Greece, for us immigrants and the Greeks as well. My wish is to be in good health here. Because of my health problems, I have no job. I am in pain. I would like to tell all my brothers and sisters: everyone is better at home. If it was possible for me to go back to my country today, I would do it without hesitating.