"I just want to get papers and not be scared..." - Yaran

“I just want to get papers and not be scared…” – Yaran

I came to Greece and I had no friends. I had only a little money, and I tried to find a job, but I didn’t succeed, therefore I had to stay in Greece. I asked for asylum and I got the “pink card” – with this you can go to the hospital, but you don’t get any food or a place to stay. I lived like this for 7 years, and I am still waiting for documents. I have to renew my papers every 3 months and I cannot go anywhere. Sometimes I think about committing suicide.
My dream was to go to England and get an education. I don’t understand why I have to wait for 10 years to get papers, so I can go to other countries in the EU. I can’t go back, because there is a war, and I cannot move so I have to stay here – like in a prison. I stay in a home for people with psychological problems, where I am working and washing, cooking and cleaning. I just want to get papers and not be scared. I want to be independent, and not stay in this building with 10 people.