Because I am a refugee

"No hope for a better future." - Rasuli

“No hope for a better future.” – Rasuli

I left Afghanistan because there was no life in my country, because there were war. I was under 18. I was thinking to have a good life in the future. I left Afghanistan in 2007, came to Pakistan, then Iran, Turkey and then Greece. I didn’t want to stay in Greece, because my cousin lives in UK, and that’s why I decided to go to UK. When I arrived to island in 2007, police arrested us and they sent us to detention camp. Then they took our fingerprints. We didn’t want to give our fingerprints, because we don’t want to stay here. The police took my fingerprint, and they kept me in 15 days in camp. After 15 days they released us and gave us stay paper, so we could stay for one month. Then I went Italy, then France and I arrived to UK. I went to immigration homeoffice and applied for asylum. I stayed there 3 months. After 3 months they sent me to detention center and they kept me four months there. I said to them lots of time, that I didn’t want to go back to Greece because of the bad conditions. But they sent me back in 2008.When they sent me back I asked for help, but nobody help me. Then I didn’t have a place to live, and I decided to work as fieldworker. I stayed in Greece for 10 months under very bad conditions and decided again to go to another European country. I left Greece in june 2009 and after one week we arrived to Hungary. The police arrested us and they sent us to a closed refugee camp. They asked if I would apply for asylum. I said no. They said, that if I didn’t would apply, they would sent me back to Serbia. After that I applied for asylum, because I was scared of them sending me back to Serbia. I stayed there 25 days and then the Police said that they would sent me back to Greece, because I had fingerprints there. Then we left the camp and went Austria. When we arrived Austria I applied for asylum and after 5 and a half months, the police came to me at my room in five o’clock in the morning and they said that you have to go with us, because we have to sent you back to Greece. They asked me to sign the rejecting paper. When I was reading the paper who was written in my language, they wrote that I had one more chance to appeal. I said to the police that I didn’t want to sign it, because I had one more chance to appeal. They said no. You have to come with us. Then they took me in the jail one night. The next day they sent me back to Greece.
When they sent me back to Greece in end of 2009, there was nobody to help me. All refugees have problem wih Nazis and Facist. You can’t go out from home. We are not free to walk in the streets. The police always stop us. We show them our documents, but then they keep us in police station in four or five hours.
They didn’t allow us to go for mosque. They close a lot of mosque, also because they don’t like muslim people.
When a refugee is sick, they want to go to hospital. In the hospital, the first thing they ask for are, where you come from. When they know that you are a refugee, they don’t want to help us and if a refugee don’t have a document and go to the doctor or hospital, they cannot get checked by a doctor or get medicine. I have never seen this kind of people in my life. Still I have my asylum card, sometimes they renew my card and sometimes they don’t. For four or five years the police called me for interview. Sometimes I think maybe they take me in the camp again. To see the conditions in Greece makes me feel like that I have no hope for a positive future. I think my dream is finished. I want to share my story with the whole world, the European. We are still waiting for help from European countries.