"This is a refugee camp in Athens..." - Rasuli

“This is a refugee camp in Athens…” – Rasuli

This is a refugee camp in Athens, like a jail. There are refugees. When I took this picture I was very sad and I don’t have word for this. They don’t have good food and they don’t have right and the people are there for 18 months, 1 year. The police push them back to their own countries. Im scared, maybe they reject my case and put me in the camp. The police doesn’t fallow the rules and the law. I know some people who have asylum card, but they are inside the camp and also under 18 years old. I hope that the situation will change in the future if European countries help us. This camp is very bad. The refugees are called liars, but nobody help them. When the people are released after 18 months, they get 15 days where they can stay in Greece. When the 15 days are finished, the police arrest them again and they are put in refugee camp again. Now the law are changed, coming up with a new rule. The rule they writed; They are inside the camp forever if they agreed to go back to their own country. They keep you until your sign the paper.