"12 People live in this room..." - Messi

“12 People live in this room…” – Messi

I am a young African who left his country because they were looking for me. Due to political reasons I came to seek refuge in Greece. Now I am almost 3 years here. Life is so difficult. I went to prison for 100 days in Larissa. I really suffered during that time. We ate cold food and a little piece of bread every day. And I suffered from sinusitis, which is an enemy of the cold. I was almost assaulted in prison by homosexuals, in the bathroom. As an intellectual, graduate in computer programming, I thought I would be able to put to good use my university diploma in Greece. And suddenly, one day, I am riding a trolley, looking inside the trash to find papers, clothes, and metals, to be able to sell them later. I have tears in my eyes. Coming here, my brothers abandoned me, alone in the middle of the desert. Now I don’t know what to do. Life is really difficult in Greece. If I manage to live, it’s thanks to my God, who helps me and provides for me every day. With these few lines, I would like you to think a bit about immigrants who are in Greece.